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sindh sugarcane completed survey

Sugar bannar Survey Started from 20-june


Pakistan Cotton Crop Updates - PAR


Cotton Crop sowing position 2016 – 17 of Sindh & Punjab – 12:15 PM – May 05, 2016

  • Cotton growers state that around 55-60% sowing of the cotton crop has been already carried out in lower Sindh including Hyderabad, Matiari, Tando Allahyar, T.M khan, Badin, Tharparkar, Umerkot and areas till Sanghar district.
  • In Punjab, around 90-95% wheat threshing has been carried out where as only 5-6% of the cotton crop has been sowed till now in lower districts of Punjab including Rahimyar Khan, Rajanpur,  D.G.Khan, Muzaffargarh, Bahawalpur, Bahawalnagar, Vehari and Lodhran. While in upper Punjab districts land preparation for cotton crop is under progress and it is estimated that sowing in Punjab would be completed by the end of June.

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Pakistan sugar Crop Updates - PAR

Pakistan Sugar Prices and Market Commentary July 27th 2016 at 3:00 PM PST   06:00 PM – July 27, 2016

Pakistan Sugar Prices and Market Commentary July 27th 2016 at 3:00 PM PST 

World Sugar Market Report 01:05 PM – July 27, 2016

International Sugar Market Report

Pakistan Sugar Market Overnight Commentary  12:25 PM – July 27, 2016

Pakistan Sugar market: The Sindh & Punjab prices were increased yesterday – 26/7/2016  due to some buying activities. Furthermore, also because of imposition of some new taxes, said by market sources & less stock available in sugar mills.

LIFFE White Sugar# 5 Future Contracts Closing  09:55 AM – 27 July , 2016

As on 26th July 2016 (1 USD = 104.60 PKR)

Month    MYR/Ton    PKR / Ton 
Oct-16	528.50	55.28
Dec-16	530.70	55.51
Mar-17	530.80	55.52
May-17	520.50	54.44
Aug-17	508.80	53.22

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Pakistan Weather and Flood Updates - PAR

Rain turns weather pleasant in parts across country today  03:40 PM – July 27, 2016

Widespread rain-thundershower with isolated heavy falls occurred in Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Gujranwala divisions and Kashmir while scattered rain-thundershower occurred in Lahore, Malakand and Hazara divisions.

Rain-thunderstorm with isolated heavy fall accompanied by windstorm is expected at a number of places in Islamabad, upper Punjab, upper Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, FATA, Gilgit-Baltistan and Kashmir today. Rain is also expected at isolated places in south Punjab, D.I. Khan, Bannu, Zhob, Kalat and Mirpurkhas divisions.

Light rain and drizzle is expected along Sindh-Makran coast.

Temperature of some major cities recorded on Wednesday morning:

Islamabad 22°C, Lahore 27°C, Peshawar 31°C, Karachi 28°C, Quetta 24°C, Gilgit and Muzaffarabad 23°C and Murree 17°C.

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Pakistan Wheat Crop Updates - PAR

Export of wheat flour suffers as Afghan government imposes extra duty – 04:00 PM – May 20, 2016

The export of wheat flour from Pakistan to Afghanistan has suffered as Afghan authorities reportedly increased custom duty on the commodity. Exporters blamed that the Afghan government had imposed extra custom duty on import of flour from Pakistan, and restricted import of the commodity from the country. They said the restriction would only mean to give leverage to exporters of India and Central Asian countries, to hold over market in Afghanistan.

A visible decline in export of flour from Pakistan has been noticed, as compared to flour exporting figure of Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, said Subhan, an exporter of flour to Afghanistan in Peshawar. He further said the business of wheat flour had been suffered for the last four months and it further deteriorated when the government of Pakistan withheld subsidy granted on the export of flour.

On last Tuesday, the export of flour from Pakistan to Afghanistan was suspended temporarily after the authorities in the neighbouring country increased custom duty on the commodity along with signing an agreement with India for import of wheat and flour. The flour exporters and dealers in Peshawar stopped export of the commodity to Afghanistan as they were asked by the Afghan authorities at Torkham border to deposit additional amount as custom duty, said the custom officials.

Last year, on subsidised rate, Subhan said they had exported 100-150 trucks flour on daily basis that decreased to 15-20 trucks per day after holdback subsidy. The exporters informed that the commodity rate in Tajikistan is $360-370 per ton while the flour rate in Pakistan is $390-400 per ton besides the Afghan custom imposed additional duty of Rs 100,000 per vehicle on import of flour from Pakistan.

Owing to cheaper rates of the commodity in Afghanistan market, being imported from Tajikestan and other central Asian countries it is not possible for Pakistani exporters to sell their goods, Subhan said.

Zarqeeb Khan, President Torkham custom clearance agents association, said that anti-people policies had been adopted by both the Pakistani and Afghan governments that ultimately affected businesses at both side of the border. He said that on one hand, Pakistan restricted Torkham border and entry to Pakistan was conditioned with legal travelling documents while one the other hand the Afghan custom imposed extra-duty on import on flour to provide opportunity to importers of flour from central Asian countries and India.

He maintained that if the situation remained the same, export to Afghanistan would further suffered as the Afghan was intended to impose additional tax on cement and other export items from Pakistan. As per official in Torkham Pakistan used to export annually ten lakh tons flour to Afghanistan that decreasing day by day and time would come when it halted completely.

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Malaysian Palm Product Updates - PAR

Malaysian Palm Oil Products Report  05:45 PM – July 27, 2016

Malaysian Palm Composite

MDEX CPO Future Contracts Closing – 03:35 PM – 27 July , 2016

As on 27th July 2016  (1 MYR = 25.67 PKR)

Month    MYR/Ton    PKR / Ton 
Aug-16	2356	60478.52
Sep-16	2334	59913.78
Oct-16	2318	59503.06
Nov-16	2315	59426.05
Dec-16	2322	59605.74

CBOT Edible Oil Market Report  11:00 AM – July 27, 2016

CBOT Edible Oil Market Outlook

CBOT Soybean Oil Future Contracts Closing 10:00 AM – 27 July , 2016

As on 26th July 2016 (1 USD = 104.60 PKR)

Month    c/lbs    PKR / maund
Aug 16 	29.56	2544.22
Sept16 	29.68	2554.55
Oct16 	29.80	2564.88
Dec 16 	30.08	2588.98
Jan 17 	30.32	2609.63

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Dairy & Dry Powdered Milk Updates - PAR

Jodia Bazaar, Karachi Dairy & Dry Powdered Milk Prices – 02:50 PM – July 26, 2016

Brand	              PKR/ Bag
1) Dairy American SMP	 8,600
2) Amul                  10,800  - 11,000
3) Fat Filled            7,800 - 11,000
4) Truskish              8,000 

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Technical Charts Updates - PAR

JPY vs USD Technical Chart and Analysis 27th July 2016– 06:40 PM

JPY vs USD Technical Chart and Analysis 27th July 2016

International Index-Dowjones-30- Technical Chart and Analysis 27th July 2016– 06:30 PM

International Index-Dowjones-30- Technical Chart and Analysis 27th July 2016

ICE Cotton Technical Chart and Analysis 27th July 2016– 06:20 PM

ICE Cotton Technical Chart and Analysis 27th July 2016

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